Procedures and Restorations

Let Our Expert Dentists Restore Your Beautiful Smile

Excellent Dental Restoration Services

Restore your teeth back to their original look and feel by getting fillings done by the experts at Brostowitz Family Dentistry. We offer a full line of procedures and restoration services for patients of all ages. Whether you are missing several teeth or experiencing tooth decay, our team of experienced professionals have the perfect solution for you. 

Give Yourself a Complete Smile Again

Whether you have missing teeth that make it difficult for you to chew or you simply feel self-conscious about teeth that make you hide your smile, We can offer you easy and affordable solutions with our mini dental implants.
Dental care

Boost Your Confidence With Straighter Teeth

Perhaps you have always wished your teeth were a bit straighter. That's not a problem anymore! ClearCorrect will straighten your teeth using a series of clear, custom, removable aligners, and best of all, there won't be any unsightly metal in your mouth when you smile!

Our Restorative Dental Services

  • Root canal therapy - Done when decay has already killed a tooth in your mouth
  • Mini dental implants - A less invasive option for patients on a budget
  • Teeth straightening - ClearCorrect straightens teeth without the look of braces
  • Fillings - Routine fillings repair cavities quickly and easily
  • Dentures - We offer both full and partial denture options
  • Implants or extractions - We offer the removal or insertion of teeth as needed
Dentures are durable and last many years but may need to be remade, repaired, relined or readjusted due to normal wear. Call us today to learn more!
We offer denture mini implant technology for your eating comfort!
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